Music Store Specialties

Top 5 Music Stores

Music stores are places that sell musical instruments and sound gear. They can be general music stores that sell all types of equipment or specialized shops that focus on specific categories of products.

Caldwell Connection is a full-line music store in Whitestone, Queens that carries a variety of guitars and other instruments. They also offer musical instruction and rentals.

Caldwell Connection

Caldwell Connect is an online learning opportunity for students in grades K-12. It offers a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous instruction. It is designed to meet the academic needs of every student. Students will complete coursework, participate in collaborative group activities and engage in a variety of projects.

The musical art park, which features six interactive outdoor percussion instruments and sculptured artwork including a 16-foot metal feather designed by Danny Jones of Original Ironworks, was made possible with $50,000 from Together Treasure Valley, the City of Caldwell and Destination Caldwell.

PARC grant funding will also help renovate the old warming shelter building into a wellness and welcome center where the public can learn about indoor recreation and nature-based programs at the Caldwell Woods Preserves, such as yoga, cultural arts and other wellness classes and activities.

Flushing Violin Shop

Flushing Violin Shop is a full-service professional string instrument source. They offer a wide selection of violins, violas and cellos for sale and rent. They also offer accessories and repair services. They have a large inventory of instruments for beginner and advanced musicians alike.

Karine Pierson is a former professional violinist and now teaches music. She owns a studio where she provides students with new and used stringed instruments, as well as repairs them and offers music lessons. She says that she has seen a lot of cheap violins advertised on personal ads.

A good way to judge the quality of a violin is by looking at its fingerboard. The best fingerboards are made from ebony, which is dark and natural in color. On a cheap violin, the fingerboard is often painted black and does not have the same depth as the rest of the fingerboard. Also, look at the feet of the bridge – if there are gaps underneath, it is likely not fitted to the violin.

Tutti Music Corp

Designed with creatives in mind, Tutti is a one-stop shop for finding, comparing and booking rehearsal, audition and performance space. The platform offers over 400 spaces in London, including professional rehearsal studios for bands, private homes with nice pianos for acoustic ensembles, churches with incredible halls, jazz clubs and much more. It’s also possible to search based on instruments, price, size, location, parking, accessibility, Covid precautions and more.

This year, the Tutti chamber music collective celebrates the works of composers that are part of our local communities. The program features Wood Harbor Orchestra and choir performing Masses by Kelvin Koning, Mary Casiello, Rachel Marie, and other composers. The Collective is committed to showcasing music from local minority and LGBTQIA+ composers, in the belief that concert music should reflect our diverse community. It also provides amateur musicians with the opportunity to play together. Tutti has a dedicated resource page for Making Music members, who can get PS10 off their first booking.

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